Sidi Cycling Shoe Replacement Caliper Buckle (Black/Red)

July 31, 2017 - Comment

Replacement Buckles for Sidi Shoes

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Replacement Buckles for Sidi Shoes


Hikmer says:

Beware if you have older shoes Beware if you have older shoes, you need new straps and it is not easy to figure out exactly what to order. I added pics of the straps on my current shoes and the ones that are newer….the newer ones have narrower grooves but the strap seems to be the same width. Look closely at the new strap and you will see that the sides are recessed and this is required to work with these buckles. I find these buckles to be far inferior to the previous style of buckles as I used to be able to release…

Maxman says:

Perfect for Older Sidi Genius Shoes If you have older (pre-2010) Sidi Genius shoes and you need to replace the straps, you’re going to need these buckles and the new straps. I’ve done a lot of research, and you will not find replacement straps for the older models. Anything short of buying new shoes, these are what you need. I love my Side Genius shoes since I have exra wide feet, so I can’t see replacing them since they fit great and are pretty expensive. I’ve seen where people say they won’t work with the older Genius…

philzee2 says:

Great replacement buckles Had my Sidi bike shoes since 2003. Then the buckle locked up and I could barely remove them. So I bought these replacement buckles and one two I can buckle my shoe….three four they don’t cost more…five six…well you get the picture.

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